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The infamous crochet hook case – finished!

on March 26, 2013

Considering it’s size and the ease of crocheting a square (even a stripy one), this has been a really difficult project.

The crochet part was so easy it was a joke but when it came to making the inside, I got really stuck.

The idea seemed so easy, a piece of card for rigidity, a piece of felt to pretty it up and a strip of felt to slip the hooks under.


First, I had to figure out how much space I needed for the hooks, how much smaller than the cover the cardboard needed to be and how much bigger than the cardboard the felt needed to be.

These were fairly simple issues to sort out, although they required quite a bit of pondering and visualising.

It was the strip of felt to actually hold the hooks that gave me the most trouble. It had to be loose enough that the hooks slipped under easily but tight enough to hold them in place.

Then consider that each hook is a different size (obviously) so there was no ‘quick fix’

Eventually I realised that felt simply wouldn’t work and I would have to use elastic. I’d originally discarded the idea because elastic generally comes in either black or white and I wanted the case to be as colourful as possible.

But there was still a lot of experimenting to be done before I could get the thing to work.

Hook holder sorted, it was time to pretty the whole thing up by adding a scalloped edge.

Originally I was hoping to attach the felt to the cover by crocheting through both when working the edging. I spent a lot of time making holes in the edge of the felt but it wasn’t even all the way around so some of the holes were in danger of ripping right through the edge.

Another idea scrapped…

So, I worked the edging and added a strap on the right hand side to close the case.

The velcro was vaguely disastrous as well, since it was supposed to be self-stick but kept falling off so two extra days were needed to glue it on (I love fabric glue!)

So, after many months and many trials, here it finally is

DSCF2586 DSCF2587 DSCF2591 DSCF2592 DSCF2593 DSCF2596


I’m a little disappointed that the fit isn’t a bit better so the case closes more neatly but there’s loads of room for hooks so I guess that’s the important bit.

I can post the pattern if anyone’s interested and if anyone has a better suggestion for the inside I’d love to hear it, this one was a nightmare!


5 responses to “The infamous crochet hook case – finished!

  1. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    I see what you mean about it not being even on the front side, but I think overall it looks just fantastic! And functional, you can actually store needles in it. How awesome!

  2. *Wisher* says:

    OMG.. I love the colors.. Ahhh…. So pretty.. Looks good to fit all the crochet needles..
    Just wondering where did you get this pattern? I’m looking for something like that too.. could you please let me know.. Thank you..=)

    • Vix says:

      Thanks, it is pretty handy and currently sits on display in the living room 🙂 I designed it myself actually but I can put together a pattern if you’re interested? X

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