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on March 21, 2013

Sorry about that, but it just had to be done!

So, you know those egg decorations I mentioned? Well, it wasn’t easy but I figured it out

The pattern comes from issue 3 of the new Simply Crochet magazine (more thoughts on that later) and I was super excited as soon as I saw them.

I really love this time of year and, since it’s traditional to decorate eggs on the Equinox and I’ve got some cotton DK hanging around, it all seemed perfect.

All I needed were some polystyrene eggs.

Not a problem. With Steven away, Mum and I had already planned a trip to our local Hobbycraft and the eggs were the first thing I looked for.

I was too excited to wait so I started my first egg (I bought three) on Monday.

Guess what? There’s a problem with the instructions so the crochet is about half the size it needs to be to cover the recommended egg size



I spent some time trying to extend it but it looked wonky so I gave up.

The next day I was heading out to pick up some more yarn (another post for another day) so I hunted around for some more appropriately sized eggs.

I found some shorter ones but then the cover was too big around so I gave up there too.

Fortunately I’m stubborn as a mule so I experimented some more that night and actually came up with something fairly decent



Still far from perfect but good enough to let me sleep

Yesterday was the Equinox and I spent the day crafting (I really needed it and made some great progress!)

I spent some more time experimenting, starting with the published pattern and then making it up as I went along.

It was quite difficult but so much fun!

Check it out





































DSCF2573 DSCF2571












I’ve got the pattern scribbled down and I hope to make another one or two in different colour sequences.

I’m so chuffed!


5 responses to “Eggs-perimentation

  1. […] I’ve already posted about my trials with Jane Crowfoot’s egg decorations. […]

  2. […] found the same with those crochet egg decorations (see previous post – Eggs-perimentation) I posted a comment on the corrections page for Inside Crochet issue three (the first one, […]

    • Little Nell says:

      Hi, I just found your post whilst searching to see if anyone else was having the problem I was having. I’ve only just got round to attempting these eggs and I’m finding the same issue. In addition, the illustration in the magazine has a basket of eggs which look distinctly smaller, although that could be an optical illusion! I’m heartily sick of patterns which have mistakes and agree with your comments. I’ve spent hours sorting them out. That particular issue of the magazine featured a bolero on the front. I, and several others ended up writing to the designer in desperation (you can find the comment on the SC Facebook page). In the end the part-time (would you believe it?) technical editor corrsepinded with me and kept me up to date. A new pattern, with chart, was published on the website.

      Well done on solving the egg problem, I think I may contact Jane Crowe via her blog as well and see what she says.

      • Little Nell says:

        ‘Corresponded’ (spelling!) I’ve tried it with a smaller egg (58mm on the packet) and it seems nearer the size. I think the designer meant the egg as measured with a tape measure from middle of the top to middle of the bottom, which gives the recommended size. Why the heck couldn’t they have checked this at the time? Anyone ordering the 8cm (instead of the 6cm) from Purple Linda Crafts would be sadly disappointed.

      • Vix says:

        Hi there!
        I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one struggling, I often wonder if I’m missing something. Having re-read the post I’ve realised that I never did get around to making more but you’ve sparked some inspiration in me so I think I’ll have a hunt for my scribbled notes… wish me luck, I can only think of one place to look 😦

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