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Doesn’t time fly…

on March 19, 2013

…when you’re doing nothing?

So, it would appear that another month has gone by and I still haven’t managed to get back in the habit of posting regularly.

I wish I could say that life’s been a whirlwind of activity but it hasn’t, just the usual rounds of jobs, study, crafts, books and movies.

I had actually gotten into a really good routine (although without time for posting) but things keep getting in the way.

Most recently is the death of my paternal grandfather. He passed away last Monday and I’m still trying to come to terms with it.

To be honest, though, I’m doing quite well considering all the other things going on. Last Tuesday was a really bad day but each day since has been a little better.

The other main issue is that Steven’s away at the moment. He left last Monday (just typical right?) and will be home in a week so I’m spending A LOT of time alone.

But I’m somehow managing to get a lot of stuff sorted and finished so I have plenty to tell you.

The owl obsession continues and I finished the cross stitch bookmark in about a week (pics to follow).

I’ve also discovered a few new patterns that have turned out well and some that have been complete disasters.

Oh and there’s a ‘new’ magazine out that I’m quite excited about so expect a review of that soon.

I’m currently working on a crochet egg decoration but it’s not going well so I’m looking forward to a break while I cook something yummy for tea.

I’ll be back soon, I promise!


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