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Owl-ing with laughter

on February 6, 2013

Sorry about the pun in the title but these goodies really do make me giggle

A while ago, I bought my first ever copy of Mollie Makes, mostly because I fell in love with the mittens on the cover



(I have to point out that I have sneakily borrowed this image from the Mollie Makes website, click on it to head over there)

Now, I don’t normally buy magazines like this because I’m primarily a yarn crafter and, while I enjoy other crafts, general craft mags like this just can’t satisfy my craving for patterns!

But I just couldn’t resist this.

Never one to be too traditional, I decided to use some of the chunky yarn that I was given by a friend (check out How do you stash yours?)

And here are the finished articles



I also made a pair for my mum as a late xmas/early birthday gift. Again, not too traditional as they were pink!

I’m so impressed with this pattern, it’s a really genius way to use cables to create something different.

I’m also a big fan of cabled rib and I think it really gives these mittens an extra dimension.

The pattern is pretty easy to follow although I think there could be more guidance on reversing the shapings, to make the pattern more beginner-friendly

For anyone who struggled here’s what I did:

Follow the pattern up to row 26. On row 27, work the pattern but replace the ‘p1, k4, inc1, k11’ with p1, k11, inc1, k4

Do the same on row 31 (p1, k11, inc1, k5) and row 36 (p1, k8, slip6 onto stitch holder, cast on an extra three, k8)

I don’t think I’ve stopped wearing mine since I finished them. I can even drive in them so they’re really useful this time of year.

I’m really big on owls and loving that they’re so in fashion right now.

I also thought they were brilliant fun to knit.

So… I designed some ear muffs to match.

Steven and I love walking along the beach but I suffer dreadfully with ear ache and ordinary ear muffs are too rigid (they hurt my ears).

Ear warmer bands are quite in at the moment as well but I was worried that these would also be a bit tight.

I remembered that in one of my many knitting books, I’ve got a pattern for a pair of sequinned ear muffs that tie under the chin.

So using these as my inspiration, I began to experiment.

I don’t want to bore you with too many details so here’s the finished result














I will admit that (depending on my mood) I sometimes feel a little silly – they’re a bit Little House on the Prairie but they can also be tied behind the head












Looks a bit better, don’t you think?

They’re a bit unpolished at the edges but I’m pretty chuffed I have to admit

What do you think? I wonder if I should redo them as a band instead…

Also, is it worth publishing the pattern?

Oh, I bought the latest issue of CrossStitcher magazine today, they’ve got an owl themed article with lots of lovely patterns… where’s that aida?


3 responses to “Owl-ing with laughter

  1. Ooh I made the wrist warmers too and I haven’t stopped wearing mine either! I’m going to make a pair for my friend for Christmas next 🙂

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