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Lots of time, lots of crochet!

on February 1, 2013

Well, Monday went just as I hoped it would.

My (now ex) boss phoned and was really understanding about everything, I didn’t cry at him and it was a nice clean break.

I’ve been feeling so good since that I know it was the right decision.

And, of course, not only have I got more time to craft but I actually feel like doing it!

I’ve been doing really well with knitting and have greatly enjoyed the pieces I’ve made lately but crochet has been a bit of a disaster!

After a serious bout of knitting, I decided to get started on some of my birthday crochet.

Remember all the goodies I was given? Check them out here.

I’d started work on a tension square using the yarn that Steven bought me so I finished that (and a few more) and decided how to proceed with the cardigan.

It’s a pretty immense project, crocheted in 4ply and made in one piece until the armholes so I started off with somewhere around 240 sts!

As many of you know, the first few rows of crochet can be tricky. You have to get into a rhythm, the work twists and can be difficult to hold.

But I persevered and completed five rows.

Then I tried it around me… there was about 5cms overlapping and the cardi is supposed to be quite snug.

I was gutted and too tired to try and work out how to proceed – make a smaller size, use a smaller hook, scrap it?

So I decided to put it aside and start making a shrug using the soy silk that mum bought me.

I’d already decided to use the sambuca jacket pattern because it’s gorgeous and works up really quickly.

So off I went, following the same size instructions that I used for my jacket.

But the yarn is a lot different than the Twinkle. I tried it on to see how much longer it needed to be and the armholes were too tight.

So I ripped it out and started making the larger size (which uses a smaller hook). Again, tried it on to check the length and it was still too tight.

I’m trying again, using the larger hook and the larger size instructions and it’s working beautifully!

Hopefully,I’ll get it finished tonight so I can post some pictures.

And I promise I’ll get started on the catch-up posts soon.

Now I’m off to watch some brilliant telly (Syfy are showing Star Trek TNG series one!), work on the shrug and try not to nap… until later

Happy crafting!


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