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Crochet Baby Blanket – finished!

on November 19, 2012

I meant to post these pics a while back but kept forgetting or putting it off to blog about more recent things

So, finally, here the pictures of the finished baby blanket!












Originally, I was going to do a pink or blue border (depending on the sex of the baby, obviously) but I really like how it came out with just a simple line of cream

Personally, I wouldn’t have chosen these colours but Clare said she quite likes pastels for newborns so I went traditional

















The pattern came from the summer issue of Simply Crochet but is originally from a Sirdar pattern leaflet (Snuggly 4ply Leaflet 1368)

It was super easy to work and the colour changes stopped it being too repetitive.

It did prove a bit of a challenge because I kept all the colours attached and ran them up the sides rather than binding them off and starting again every time.

Overall, I love it and I’ll definitely hang on to the pattern to make again



One response to “Crochet Baby Blanket – finished!

  1. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    Love the finished project. It looks so cozy!

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