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Apologies, stress and planned posts!

on October 16, 2012

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted! I’m so so sorry

The main reason for my absence is my big news which I was trying not to break until we were sure…


Steven and I have found a beautiful flat and will be moving out together in less than a week!!

Okay, so it’s not the most exciting piece of news but it brings me one step closer to my dream and I couldn’t be happier.

Or more stressed. There is SO much packing to be done, I literally cannot think about it all or my head starts to hurt and I need a lie down (or I whimper a little and go out for coffee)

It also means I’ve been working furiously, when not packing, to finish our African Flower Blanket (AFB) ready for moving day.

It has been vaguely disastrous and I’m so upset. Firstly, the blanket was supposed to be made up of six rows of four motifs.

Fine, but it was looking a little small. No problem, we’ll just do more rows, sorted.

Then I ran out of brown. Again, no major problem, trip to Woodbridge, buy more brown.

Then I ran out of blue (while crocheting the sixth motif of the fourth row)… Big problem! Now that I’m not working, I can’t afford to just pop out to Woodbridge whenever I fancy so I had to wait, and wait, and wait.

When I finally got a trip out last week, I couldn’t get the yarn I needed from the shop that I usually buy from.

Worse, the lady checked the colour chart and my particular blue was nowhere to be seen!

That shop is the only one in the area that I know sells Sirdar Supersoft Aran (my yarn of choice) but I looked around anyway and was constantly disappointed.

Amongst all this upset, I finished the baby blanket for Clare!

Great news, except that now I also needed the yarn to make the hat and cardi set for her little girl.

It’s supposed to be made from Sirdar Snuggly 4ply, which I love but the colours aren’t great. I want something quite dark and rich so that the pattern will stand out.

Unfortunately, my favourite yarn shop in Woodbridge only stocks ‘baby’ 4ply yarns so no luck there.

Which left me project-less! In my highly stressed state, you can imagine what this meant for my nearest and dearest…

So, I’ve been filling in with some xmas crafting until things settle down again.

I went to Ipswich today (not a random trip, my Nanna needed some things and I’m still shopping for the flat), my main task was to scour the shops for my Aran.

Still no luck, a couple of shops carry it but not the colour I need.

Worse, I’d been looking for the ball band so I know what colour to look for and it was lost amongst the massive yarn stash pile (the result of several small piles being, well, piled up)

Again, a very nice lady in one of the shops checked the current colour chart as well as an old colour chart and, again, no blue for Vix

When I eventually got home, I tore apart the various piles, looking for the missing ball band.

At last, success! But my hopes were dashed again when we did a quick eBay search and found nothing in that colour (shade 892, Peeka Blue by the way)

But I’m nothing if not stubborn so, when we got back to Steven’s (there’s no room for us at mine anymore – too many boxes), I scoured the internet looking for the elusive yarn.

I found mention of it on the big sites but all said ‘unavailable’. Some of the smaller sites had a single ball left, which is hardly worth the effort or the postage costs but one (previously unknown) site claims to have plenty.

So, I have ordered THREE balls of the elusive Peeka Blue as well as two more balls of the brown (also discontinued but easier to get) from… Wools Worldwide

While hunting for the ball band, I’d told Steven about the colour chart issues and wondered how long the lady in the first shop had had the yarn before I came along.

Looking at the ball bands, it’s obviously much older than the others, so there’s my answer!

So, let that be a warning to me… and you

I fear more apologies are required after that epic story but I hope it made you laugh or feel better about your own crafting disasters or inspired some emotion.

Now for the fun part – catching up with friends!

Obviously, there will be a series of ‘new flat’ posts to come but I’ll probably do before and after when it’s all cosy

I’ll also be posting pics of the baby blanket, as well as updates on xmas projects and the hat and cardi (if I ever find the right yarn) and all the usual stuff along the way.

And, of course, there will be updates on the elusive blue yarn and the AFB (cross your fingers for me!)

So, keep an eye out for more posts in the coming days and please, please forgive my absence?


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