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Eco-crafting on a budget

on September 13, 2012

Steven ad I love to hover around charity shops, usually looking for unusual tat or books.

I noticed the other week that our favourite (a large St Elizabeth Hospice shop) had some mystery balls of yarn.

It was Mum that pointed out that they were probably old garments that had been ripped out and the yarn wound up nicely.

I was wary, really, being so picky about what materials I use (I’m coming around to wool but silk is a real no-no)

But then I realised that it was the perfect way to try new and different yarns with little to no guilt

They have, after all, be recycled (or up cycled, I’m still not quite sure which) and I may have my suspicions about their materials but, really, I’ve got no way of knowing for sure what they are

And, they’re dirt cheap!

Obviously, there are a few potential issues with yardage and yarn weight but careful planning and experimentation will solve any problems there.

Here’s what I bought.










It doesn’t look like much, I know, but it’ super soft. I think there’s about 100g and it seems to be approximately DK weight
















So, the top one is an acrylic DK, the middle is the new CS (charity shop) yarn and the bottom is a cotton DK.

I’m pretty sure the CS is DK weight and it could be cotton or cotton blend.

Like I said, though, I don’t know for sure.

Because of this, it’ll be difficult to figure out the yardage.

I was hoping to use the yarn for a cute crochet bunny pattern but I tried and failed on that one (to be honest, I couldn’t entirely figure out the pattern and the bits I could understand were tricky to work)

Since winter’s approaching and I somehow managed to lose my favourite gloves last year, I decided to look for a nice glove pattern, whether knit or crochet, I wanted something a bit different.

After reading Mancunian Vintage‘s last post, I had my answer!

I looked on Amazon but there was no ‘Look Inside’ feature for this particular book so I searched for the title and came across Susan Crawford’s website.

There are so many patterns I’d love to try. I’m just praying that the pretty blue gloves are knitted in DK and don’t require too much yarn.

Hopefully, my own copy of the book (ordered from Amazon after all) will be in the post, winging it’s way to me very soon!

Keep an eye out for a review and, hopefully, some snazzy new gloves


One response to “Eco-crafting on a budget

  1. Those gloves look gorgeous in the book, you won’t regret buying it. Can’t wait to see the finished product!!

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