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Buttons, buttons everywhere!

on July 31, 2012

I love buttons!

Which is odd, considering how much I hate sewing them on… but there you have it!

So, while deciding which crochet/knitted collar to make next, I sorted through my buttons to see if I had anything suitable (not that I mind going out to buy more buttons)

I hadn’t realised I’d accumulated so many, my little button tin is practically bursting!

Most of my collection is made up of spare garment buttons and I had a great time trying to work out which button went with which garment (I’ve still got no idea on some)

Here are a few pics…









All nice and neat in my button tin. The ones in the little bags are fabric buttons so I like to keep them separate

And because I like to make a mess…

… I tipped them all out!








And because I don’t like to be too unorganised, I laid out some of my favourites









Some are extra garment buttons, some I bought (either for projects or just because) and one I bought and then decorated myself (no prizes for guessing which one)

I love some of them so much, I’m actually trying to design projects around them… strange but true

Anyway, some of them will be handy for more detachable collars and I think some might be useful for my designing

Either way, a person can never have too many buttons and I’m sure I can find a use for them somewhere


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