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Lilac Shawl – almost finished!

on July 28, 2012

First of, apologies for my absence, I can’t believe it’s been nearly two weeks since my last post, especially since I’ve got a lot to say right now!

I was planning lots of updates on my shawl but I’ve been too tired and busy to try to blog much lately.

So, here is the finished shawl, before blocking


It’s quite big so it’s difficult to photograph properly and will be tricky to block

I think I’ve found a solution but it will take about two weeks (long story short, I’m not staying at home much these days so I plan to give it a quick handwash and block it out on my bed)

Like I said before, there were a lot of ends but I persevered and I’m really glad of it.

I think it helps that I have an occasion in mind where this shawl will be the perfect accessory.

Apart from all the ends to weave in, the main problem I had is that the yarn untwists and splits quite easily so extra care needs to be taken (especially when weaving in the ends!)

As usual, I changed the pattern slightly to make it easier for me to crochet, nothing major just a magic ring instead of a chain loop and working the joins later in the round.

All in all, I’m really chuffed with this piece – it’s made from a yarn that I love, no sewing up and quick to make.

I might even considering using this pattern for a certain big event that will happen in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future, although I’m always on the lookout for something a bit more special.

So, I’ll update again when the blocking process is complete and I’ve got plenty more posts lined up so I’ll be back very soon!




2 responses to “Lilac Shawl – almost finished!

  1. Knoob says:

    It looks fantastic!

    … do I need to congratulate you for something … ?

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