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Magazine misadventure… resolved?

on July 8, 2012

Inside Crochet actually came out on time this month (well, last month, technically)!

Inside, in place of the usual editor’s letter, there is a ‘team letter’

It reads:

We’ve had an exciting month. Not only are we now under brand new ownership, and have embraced seaside living with new offices down in sunny Bournemouth, there have been some changes to the team as well.

We say a fond farewell to our interim editor, although Charles will still have close links with Inside Crochet, and are really excited to announce that Claire Montgomerie will be returning as editor from next issue.

Don’t forget to check out our new contact details to the left…

A letter from Claire about the changes and the next issue is included further on and she talks about “a fresh new look and layout” in the next issue (issue 32 should be on shelves from July 27th)

I still think the whole thing is very odd and has been strangely handled (a missing issue, no mention of new ownership until after the event, a complete move and changes in staffing) but I suppose not all readers are as curious as I am, nor would they appreciate the honesty if Inside Crochet/All Craft Media admitted wrongdoing.

Anyway, I’m glad to have it back and I’m currently hunting for a 6mm Tunisian crochet hook so I can try my hand at a new skill and make the Summer Breeze Shrug.

I was quite excited to hear about the redesign… but then I bought the latest issue of Yarnwise (formerly Knit) magazine

Like  Inside CrochetYarnwise was owned by ACM and taken over by Tailormade but the name change and redesign were already planned.

Quite honestly, I hate it. With a fiery passion!

I don’t think it’s very user-friendly and I find the pages quite jarring to look at. The info doesn’t seem to flow the way it used to (and needs to)

I always quite liked the fact that Inside Crochet and Knit had similar layouts as I think it really highlighted them as sister magazines and made it easier to switch between the two.

I can only hope that the Inside Crochet redesign will be better…


4 responses to “Magazine misadventure… resolved?

  1. I like the know the whys and wherefores of things so I sympathise, you have a mystery on your hands! 🙂

  2. All very confusing but I can tell you that the previous company went bankrupt! I only know this because my friend had done some designs and work for them (several pieces) and was not going to get paid for them. The good news is that she is now going to get paid for them as they have a new owner. I hope that this clears things up for you and that the layout becomes more acceptable again! p.s look out for Joanne Scrace (she is also known as notsogranny on blog spot and ravelry if you are interested!)

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