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Yummy treats!

on June 27, 2012

So, over the last couple of days, I’ve been combining two of my favourite things… knitting and baking!

I know, I know, the two don’t seem to go together but trust me















I have to say the baked versions were a nightmare to make! The dough did not want to cooperate so some of them are very funny shapes

But the little nibble we had last night was so good (I banned us from eating anymore until after I’d taken the pictures – willpower is in overdrive today!)

The recipe came from issue 11 of Cake Decorating and is really easy but time-consuming. I think my main problem is not knowing how the handle the dough yet, which I’m hoping will come with practice and some advice from my ex-baker grandad

I made some little choccy doughballs too to use up some of the leftover dough.

I made one of the knitted versions a few weeks ago when I was trying out patterns from Tasty Knits. I made another yesterday while the others were cooking and another this afternoon.

They only take about two hours to finish but can be fiddly because they’re knitted in the round on double-pointed needles.

They’re cleverly done though: you start at the edge of the icing and decrease into the middle, then change to beige yarn and increase out again, then sew up on the outside and stuff as you go.

It shows how good the pattern is that I’ve got the patience to knit more and more

In fact, maybe I’ll knit some with different toppings… brightly coloured icing with sprinkles or glitter… or maybe a bagel filled with cream cheese and (veggie) bacon, that would be a challenge, I wonder if you could knit halves…

Anyway, here’s a couple of pics of my little knitted doughnut tower

















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