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Tasty Knits book review

on June 23, 2012

Tasty Knits by Susan Penny and Susie Johns brings together pieces from some of the Twenty to Make series from Search Press.

Containing a whopping 43 projects, Tasty Knits features lots of tasty foods from corn on the cob to lemon slices to sandwiches to burgers to cakes and biscuits.

All of the pieces are brilliantly designed and amazingly life-like. Perhaps the cleverest piece is the banana which is made with a zip in the skin so you can actually unzip it and take out the fruit!

The doughnuts are also very well done, knitted in one piece and attached around the outside.

The projects are quick and fun to knit and make great children’s toys or decorations.

So far I’ve made two pizza slices, a banana, a large apple, a small apple and a doughnut and I plan to make loads more!

I have to say though, I have (as usual) adapted some of the patterns, mostly on the pizza slice, and I did notice a bit of a mistake on the apple pattern (it calls for needles in the pattern that aren’t listed previously)

I also noticed that some pieces aren’t as big as you might think. The pizza slice, the banana and the doughnut came out life-size but the apples are quite dinky and the sandwich that I started yesterday was looking tiny (I’m afraid to say I took it out and scrubbed it off the ‘to do’ list)

The only bad thing I can think of is that the book definitely focuses on sweet things, 25 of the patterns are sweet treats compared to 14 ‘meals’,  three pieces of fruit and ONE vegetable!

All-in-all, though, I love it and the projects are perfect as ‘fillers’ in between other things as they can mostly be completed in an evening. I’ll just have to go and buy Twenty to Make Knitted Fruit and Knitted Vegetables (and maybe Knitted Fast Food) to complete my knitted food collection!


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