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A bucketload of inspiration, a project list the length of an orangutan’s arm and just enough enthusiasm to fill a small thimble

on June 12, 2012

So, after last week’s über upbeat post, I find myself a bit stuck!

I think the problem is that I’ve got too much going on so I feel like I can’t decide what to do first and can’t quite concentrate on any one thing.

Aside from my little book and magazine obsession, I’m actually being very good on the crafting front and not buying any new yarn until I’ve completed some projects (of course, it helps that money’s more than a little tight!)

So, projects currently ‘on the metal’ (e.g. actually started and sitting on needles/hook) are: my cricket jumper; a small, very irritating, crochet design piece for the book… oh my goodness, that might actually be everything!

However… projects planned and with materials are: a few ‘plarn’ projects, both for the book and for myself; some more novelty knits from Tasty Knits; experimentation with some new stitches and techniques, thanks to The Knitting and Crochet Bible; and some novelty crochet gifts.

Plus the planned projects that I need to buy yarn for: two baby blankets for a friend; a bigger knitting design piece for the book; a lovely crochet shrug for me; numerous other design pieces for the book; and potential xmas gifts for everyone.

Add to the crafting: some experimental baking (I’m currently attempting baked doughnuts!); a new job; vague job hunting (long story); lots and lots of books; and time to, you know, eat and sleep and stuff.

I figure the remedy for all this is as follows: DO NOT BUY ANY NEW YARN; try not to look through too many books and magazines, they’ll only give you more ideas; decide on a task for the day and get it done (or as much as you can before bedtime); get enough sleep and sustenance; drink lots of tea; get outside at least once a day to clear your head; and don’t complain too much or your nearest and dearest will ban you from crafting.

I’m doing quite well… but, like I said, enthusiasm is running very low so I’m also trying to stick to smaller projects that can be completed quickly and only working on my cricket jumper when I’ve got lots of time and space to myself.

What do you do when you hit a rut? And how do you decide which project is more important?


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