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Knitting Vintage book review

on May 20, 2012

Knitting Vintage by Claire Montgomerie contains 30 patterns inspired by previous decades, from the twenties to the eighties, updated for modern living.

Montgomerie has also included some details about the eras and a mood board for each decade.

I’ve been eyeing this book up for ages (mostly because I wanted the Lacy Collar pattern) and was lucky enough to find it in a discount bookshop on a day that I had both a craving and the cash for some new goodies.

There are very few patterns in the book that I don’t like and a few in particular that I simply must make!

The problem is that the sizes don’t quite go up big enough. I’m a fairly standard UK size but the biggest in the book is generally 10cm too small!

After my initial disappointment, I’ve decided to view this as a challenge. After all, 10cm is a nice even amount and the size of a standard tension square so increasing the size should be fairly simple.

Figuring out the shaping will be a bit more tricky… but not impossible I think (especially with Custom Knits to help me – see yesterday’s post)

Another oddity I found was that some of the photographs show more than one piece of knitwear but are only attached to one pattern with the other appearing nowhere.

Compared to the joy of the actual patterns, though, this is a minor inconvenience.

I’d say the book is suitable even for beginners because there are some basic patterns and plenty of opportunities for learning and growth.

So, if you’re a fan of vintage and/or retro clothes or just looking for something a bit different, I’d definitely check this out.


6 responses to “Knitting Vintage book review

  1. Perhaps the issue re sizing is that when the “vintage fashions” weren’t vintage, people were smaller? Just a guess.

    • Vix says:

      It could be but I think the patterns are modern designs with a vintage feel rather than being actual vintage patterns. Good thought though, it hadn’t occured to me

  2. I’ve just finished making the lacy collar, and I’m starting on the Breton jumper very soon – love the book!

    • Vix says:

      That sounds great. My lacy collar ended up a bit too small so I’ve got to make another, hopefully I can take out the first and re-knit but if not it will be gifted to someone smaller and we can match!
      I’d love to know how the jumper comes out

      • I ended up with ten stitches too many, managed to get it down to five, and I’m hoping that it won’t be too much of a problem.

        The jumper looks fairly straight-forward, just a helluva lot of stockinette stitch!

        I’ll keep you posted – and when (if!) it ever gets finished I’ll blog it.

        Let me know how you’re collar ends up (what colour/wool did you use?) Helen

      • Vix says:

        I know what you mean about the stocking stitch, I made my boyfriend a jumper last year and came so close to giving up.
        I used some leftover beige 4-ply for my collar (which probably explains the size issue) The scallops are a little ruffled too so I might trial it in DK before trying to unpick the first one
        There’s so many other projects in the book that I’d love to make too, it’s all just a question of time and which one first!

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