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Union Jack Slipover – finished!!

on April 30, 2012

I didn’t manage to finish for Steven’s birthday but it was only a week late so I’m happy enough.

And here he is wearing it!

And the back

And, of course, he made me try it on too

I have to say, I’m really pleased with it but I do think the pattern is a little off. The Union Jack is by no means central so I think the front looks a little off.

It was super fun to knit though! It’s the first time in ages that I’ve learnt a new knitting technique and, once you get in the swing of things, it knits up really quickly. So, although it’s essentially stocking stitch, it wasn’t at all boring to knit up.

The main problem I had was sewing in all the loose ends

I hate sewing in ends and the front was even worse! Thankfully, it’s easy to do because of the twists caused by the colour changes.

The sewing up and finishing was really easy and quick (thanks to the lack of sleeves) and I think the end result looks really good

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve used half of the yarn I bought for the project so I’ve got loads left over (maybe enough for one of my own..?)

I’m planning a post on yarn stashes at a later date but I really hate having a substantial amount left over

Anyway, I’ve also finished another pair of Misty Morning Mitts (slightly shorter and in yellow Simply Recycled) and my Mina’s Tuxedo Vest (finished post to follow), started a new knitting project (a cricket style jumper for myself that should take a few weeks) and started work on one of the crochet unicorns for my cousin

I’m also pondering a book idea so there’ll be a lot of designing going on… wish me luck


3 responses to “Union Jack Slipover – finished!!

  1. Russell Farr-Jones says:

    I think it looks fab! And I know what you mean about weaving in those ends…

  2. Claire says:

    Maybe there’s some Nana Bell in there after all Vix – all those hours seeing her knit when we were kids must be good for something!
    I’ve just started knitting to, having recently discovered circular needles (or rather being bludgeoned to death by my friend Brooke with a pattern and said needles.) So far a beret, a newborn kimono cardigan with matching beanie and booties, a half finished lace scarf and now a baby ‘surprise’ jacket for the two year old at the bakery across the road are under my belt. Haven’t tried anything like the vest above though, is it your own pattern? It looks cool! I just took cousin Johny to the airport after a lenghtly saga with his stolen van….anyway, good on you for the knitting – Claire

    • Vix says:

      Thanks Claire. I don’t really remember watching her knit to be honest, just a random memory of me and Kirsty fighting over one of the dolls (strangely, each insisting the other have it but secretly wanting it herself). You’re brave for starting with circular needles so well done to you too.
      This one isn’t my pattern but I’m working on some designing at the minute, pretty basic so far but working my way up.
      Hope you’re all good

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