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The frumpiness of knitting – debate

on April 26, 2012

I’ve got absolutely no idea what happened but WordPress decided to delete the contents of that post as I was publishing it…

I’ll try again

So, debate has been raging in my house lately and I was literally laughed out of my own kitchen

The cause? Two potential knitting projects, one which I think is too frumpy and one which the others think is too frumpy!

The first is a cardigan from the latest issue of The Knitter (issue 44)

When I first saw it on the cover I thought it was nice if a little… dull I suppose. When I read through the magazine and discovered it was a lovely cotton long-line cardigan, I was quite excited.

The problem with cotton and cotton-blend yarns is the price and, as I knit on a budget, I had to spend a few days looking into the pricing.

Everything came up at around £30, which I guess isn’t bad for what it is but it is a little beyond me (especially compared to £8 for my favourite acrylic yarn!)

I decided to look online since I was struggling to get some yarn that I need for another project and I spent a happy few hours browsing

The next problem was choosing a colour. I had a couple in mind but didn’t really trust the screen or the printer to give me an accurate representation.

After all this trouble and roping in Mum and Steven to give me some advice, we all decided I obviously don’t love the cardigan enough to spend the time and money knitting it up.

The more I look at it, the more frumpy it looks to me. I still really like it, I just think it’s slightly too old for my 26 years.

Later, I happened to mention that I already had the pattern for a nice lacy jumper that I’d pointed out to Steven over the weekend.

I was so excited by the discovery that I showed them both the magazine (Knitting issue 101)

I think my mum laughed the hardest, saying that it was even frumpier (if that’s a word) than the cardigan and Steven soon joined in (I think he just doesn’t like it).

I pointed out that I thought it was retro, not frumpy before dejectedly leaving the kitchen to go and sulk in the living room.

Thankfully, I’ve got some other projects lined up (if I can just get the yarn!) so I’m trying not to think about either of these for a while…

Let me know what you think


One response to “The frumpiness of knitting – debate

  1. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    I think frumpy is really about what you would wear with it. I mean, the first one with a short skirt and taller boots would actually look fairly fashionable in the fall (if you have a mild enough fall you don’t need longer sleeves). The second one could be paired with something like boot cut jeans and heels, which would keep it from looking so bulky.

    I always feel like the pictures of models that come with knitting patterns make everything look like you can only wear it if you’re over 70. If they just found ways to make these a little sassier I don’t think either project would be totally “frumpy”.

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