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Dharma Van ‘Doorstop’ – finished!

on April 21, 2012

I’ve just realised that I haven’t posted much about this project (very unusual for me!) so I’ll have to do the background and the finished pictures in one post.

I found the pattern in Inside Crochet issue 24 (December) and instantly saw potential. It should have been completed in a bright orange but Steven and I are big fans of the TV show Lost so there was no question about it being blue instead.

To add a little authenticity, we decided to change the finishing and add some Dharma-specific details.

Here it is!

And from the back

I love it!

I didn’t really have any problems crocheting it but I did change the dimensions slightly. I thought the cream top was too high compared to the blue bottom so I reduced the number of rows on the sides but the front/top/back strip was still the same length.

I’m a big fan of fabric glue when it comes to finishing details, I glued and sewed the buttons, the windows and the slats on the side window. Since this was supposed to be a doorstop, I was extra worried that the details would fall off.

The slats were a real cheat! I used long stitch to sew them on but put a line of glue across so they really stuck down nicely.

There wasn’t a huge amount of detail on the back but I decided against sewing on the outline for the door etc

The badge for the front was a really lucky find. I had no idea how I was going to embroider this little detail but Steven suggested we look for a button or something on eBay and we found a set with the perfect little badge.

It was difficult to attach but hopefully it will stay where it is! I pinned it to the front and glued around the edge. I also used some clear nail varnish (another essential tool) to stick the pin at the back.

When it came to sewing up, the bottom had turned out too big (I’ve got no idea how since I’d checked it against the side) so I just undid the knot and took out a few rows.

To add more detail, I decided to sew the bottom to the front and back on the outside and use cream yarn so it looked like bumpers. This would also make it easier to stuff and then sew up.

We decided not to make it a doorstop in the end. It was becoming too difficult to fill (I even enlisted my mum to help me make a fabric bag for the lentils!) and, to be honest, I’m far too precious about it to let it sit on the floor and potentially get kicked around

So, it’s just stuffed with toy filling and will sit somewhere looking pretty.

Also, it was Steven’s birthday yesterday and he’d requested a simnel cake (I made some over easter and he loved them!)

I spent ages making the stencil for the top and was super disappointed when it bled but the cakes tastes great and Steven loved it so I’m actually quite chuffed

Mum and I are collecting a cake decorating magazine and it’s fantastic so I might be posting more of my baked creations soon!




4 responses to “Dharma Van ‘Doorstop’ – finished!

  1. Russell Farr-Jones says:

    Love the doorstop. I saw that in Inside Crochet too. I like the extra detail you’ve added too. I would love to find a pattern to make a VW Beetle as my grandad loves them.

  2. Knoob says:

    Fantastic! It looks great.

  3. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    This is so awesome! I’m glad you posted your finished product. So cute

  4. Vix says:

    Thanks guys, I really love it too!
    Russell, I’ll look out for a Beetle pattern on my travels, if not maybe we can design one! 😀

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