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Mina’s Tuxedo Vest – another update, another help request!

on April 16, 2012

So, progress has been good on my little cardi. Which isn’t surprising since Steven was off work at the end of last week so work on the Union Jack Slipover had to stop!

It was nearing the waist-shaping stage so I thought it was about time to check the length. This is the beauty of top-down knitting and very handy since I’m taller than the average bear.

The length seemed good but there was something a little odd going on. Check it out…


I can’t figure out how or when this happened, I was so careful when I was attaching the fronts to the back and everything seemed fine before.

So now, once again, I have a problem to solve.

Option number one is to leave it, I think it makes a nice design feature! Unfortunately, this means figuring out a way of knitting the sleeve and collar and that’s going to be very tricky.

Option number two is to scrap the whole thing. Not a very attractive prospect and (fortunately or unfortunately) I’m far too stubborn to give up.

Option number three is to cut the work, fix the twist and re-attach. It may sound scary but it’s actually quite easy and by far the most attractive option.

I’d love to hear any other suggestions, if you have them

For now, I’ll continue with the vest until I absolutely have to make a decision but I think I’ll reacquaint myself with kitchener stitch just in case.


One response to “Mina’s Tuxedo Vest – another update, another help request!

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