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Bridesmaid’s Boleros – one down…

on March 27, 2012

One to go!

Well, a week and a half after starting the larger bolero, it’s actually finished! Even I’m a little shocked

I actually finished it yesterday but decided the Versatile Blogger post was more important

As usual, I changed the pattern as I was knitting. The little girl measured small for her age so we went for the 3-4 year instead of the 5-6 and Clare really wanted the cardigans to be short so I altered the length. This threw up a slight issue because I hadn’t factored in the size of the armholes but there was just enough room and the cardigan looks really good.

The border was also knitted a bit strangely – the rib was added to the back after knitting the main part and the front border was knitted in two pieces before being sewn up. None of this made any sense to me so I started the back with the ribbed border and then picked up and knitted the front border all in one (hence reducing the amount of picking up stitches and sewing up involved)

I had some problems with the front border because I had fewer stitches than the pattern called for so I had to figure out my own increases for the shaping. It was a nightmare and I had to take it out and redo it a couple of times but it’s all worked out fine.

It’s quite dinky so really cute and I’m actually looking forward stitching the smaller one.

I think I’ll start with the sleeves this time so I can make sure there’s enough room to sew them in and alter the length accordingly.

It also took less yarn than I was expecting although the ribbed border needs a surprising amount. It means I might have quite a bit left over so I’m already pondering other projects to use it up!

Maybe a surprise for the bride but I’m not sure what yet… any suggestions appreciated!


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