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Hold the presses!

on March 15, 2012

All other projects are being put on hold in order to help out my friend Clare. She’s getting married in two months and needs cardigans for her daughter and step-daughter who will be bridesmaids.

We’ve been talking about the wedding a lot lately (of course!) and she mentioned that they had found something suitable for her daughter (who is about 13months) but were struggling to find something for her step-daughter (who is five)

I’d mentioned previously that I had a knitting pattern for a bolero for young girls but I wasn’t sure what the smallest size was.

Anyway, shopping for yarn last week, Clare spotted the James C Brett Twinkle that I’m currently obsessed with and proclaimed the white perfect for her step-daughter!

No probs, I replied, let me check the pattern and see how much we need and we’ve got the perfect excuse to come out for coffee again next week!

Turns out the pattern is from one to 10 years so it’s suitable for both girls and I should be able to knit both cardigans from only three balls of yarn which means they’ll cost just under £9 for both.

So now I’ve got a challenge on my hands and I’m already loving it! We bought the yarn this morning and I’m already six rows into my tension swatch.

And I figure I can still do some crochet as well (Mum has requested another Sambuca Jacket for her holiday, which happens to be the same weekend as the wedding) because it travels so much more easily than knitting.

It’s gonna be hard to put away my current projects though…!


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