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Unicorn stuffed toy – finished!

on February 29, 2012

I’m a firm believer that every car needs both a name and a mascot (it’s all Mum’s fault, really) so, having recently acquired my new (and first!) car, these things were paramount in my mind. Especially as I needed some extra luck for a long journey to an interview.

For some reason, I decided I’d like a unicorn but I completely forgot to look for one the last time I went shopping.

Fortunately, I’m a crafter!

I spent some time searching online for a free knitting or crochet pattern and found one that was perfect (huge thanks to Dawn Toussaint and you can download the pattern here)

I had some leftover yarn and made-do with a 4mm hook instead of the recommended 3.75mm.

I do think her head looks a little lop-sided but she’s still rather cute

She didn’t sit very well on the dashboard so I had to resort to velcro (that was probably the most difficult part!)

I’ve just had another look at the different sites that link to this pattern and there are a lot of photos on that I hadn’t seen. As a result, my unicorn is lacking some of the design aspects – I only gave her a small mane but the sample shown has a huge one all down the back of the head. I also missed out the frill around the tail.

Since, my unicorn sits on my dash, this isn’t an issue and I really love how she looks.

I named her Twinkle but I suspect this is mainly because I’ve recently been stitching with James C Brett’s Twinkle yarn so the word was floating around my head!

I highly recommend this pattern to anyone who loves unicorns and crochet. I particularly loved how the separate pieces were joined together – I hate sewing up toys but the pieces in this pattern are joined together as you crochet so this was brilliant.



One response to “Unicorn stuffed toy – finished!

  1. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    This is an adorable pattern, thanks for sharing! Your unicorn looks fantastic in your car as well, I hope she brings you lots of luck

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