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Sambuca Jacket – finished! (plus some more Misty Morning Mitts!)

on February 20, 2012

I’m so glad to finally get a chance to write this post! I finished my jacket last week but have been so poorly over the weekend that I haven’t had the brainpower to write or the energy to pick up a needle or a hook!

Thankfully, I started feeling a bit better on Saturday so I’ve got a new project underway and some lovely pics to share with you

The whole cardigan is stitched in this gorgeous shell stitch, worked over three rows

I actually used a bikini fastener for mine, I couldn’t find any ‘sweater fasteners’ and a button looked too uneven for my liking

The jacket is designed to be slightly cropped but I had to stitch significantly more rows to get it to a length I was happy with. The beauty with a top down design is that you can try on as you go to make it the perfect length.

The design in the magazine also has a double crochet edging all the way around but I loved the scalloped bottom edge so much that I left it and just edged the front and the cuffs.

Once again, my mum loves it! And she was super impressed when I told her that one ball would make a sleeveless cropped shrug (guess what my latest project is?!)

I recently discovered James C Brett‘s Twinkle (I think it might be new), a 96% acrylic yarn with a twist of sparkly polyester. I decided to go with black, it’s not a colour I wear often and it goes with everything so it’s perfect when you’re working on a budget.

I worked out the yardage according to the pattern and bought four balls, hoping to have some left over to stitch some more Misty Morning Mitts (coming up in a mo) However… I ended up with one ball unstarted and another barely used!

I’m always a litttle irritated when this happens (there’s that ugly budget again) but Mum decided she’d like one in black so it’s worked out perfectly and Mum’s shrug is already nearing completion.

So… I loved the Misty Morning Mitts so much, I decided to stitch another pair but to make them really dinky to go with the sparkly yarn. I like to think of them as Evening Misty Morning Mitts

 Keeping warm – wearing one whilst stitching the other

After stitching the first pair, I mentioned that I thought the pattern was written wrong. A few rows into these, they looked completely wrong, the pattern was looking more like a rib than it really should so I decreased by a stitch so I was working on 29 instead of 30 (for some reason, I never had 31 like the pattern stated)

This was a bit more difficult to stitch but looks more like the pattern in the magazine so I guess the others are wrong after all – fortunately Mum and I love them so it doesn’t matter.

Unfortunately, I think the pattern gets a little lost in the black yarn but in the right light they look great and they look really lovely on!

I think I might need another pair, the Twinkle yarn comes in a lovely purple……


5 responses to “Sambuca Jacket – finished! (plus some more Misty Morning Mitts!)

  1. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    I just love that jacket! It looks professionally made and very cute

    • Vix says:

      Aw, thank you so much! I really love it too and I’ll be wearing it for the first time tomorrow night for a meal with my boyfriend and his parents (I’ve met them loads of times but it’s always scary!)

  2. […] I mentioned last month that Mum had asked for one made of the black Twinkle yarn, but more of a shrug than a jacket (see Sambuca Jacket – finished! (plus some more Misty Morning Mitts!) […]

  3. […] leaves me with two bought-knit cardis and my crochet sambuca jacket, all of which feature very open lace patterns so aren’t really suitable for the weather and […]

  4. […] However, working next door to FatFace has it’s advantages and I’ve seen a rather nice black/white/grey maxi dress that will go rather nicely with either my purple or green shawl and wouldn’t look silly with my sambuca jacket either. […]

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