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Natural vs. Artificial

on February 13, 2012

This is an issue that’s really close to my heart. I’m vegetarian, into animal rights and concerned about protecting our planet.

So, where does that leave me when choosing yarn? Confused mostly!

I recently gave up using wool after a particularly horrific e-mail from PETA about the conditions on some wool farms, the pictures were not pretty!

However, I’d failed to consider the potential environmental impact of producing and shipping artificial yarns.

I’m a big fan of cotton yarn and recently blogged about how excited I was to find a recycled cotton yarn (I’ve also discovered where I can buy more of it!) but, again, what about the environmental concerns?

Browsing in a local bookshop at the weekend, I came across a book that is simply perfect for me and can help me through some of these issues.

Knit, Purl, Save the World by Vickie Howell and Adrienne Armstrong contains over 30 eco-friendly knitting and crochet projects as well as hints and tips for choosing yarn and snippets of detail about the processes involved.

So, look out for my upcoming review of the book and (hopefully) more info on the natural vs. artificial problem

I’ve also nearly finished my latest project (as usual, I’m just struggling with the finishing touches!) so keep an eye out for that too


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