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Chakra Neckerchief and Misty Morning Mitts – finished!

on February 3, 2012

The neckerchief is started using an adjustable ring (one of many new techniques I’ve been learning!) and is stitched simply using treble crochet and chain stitches.

I changed it a little from the pattern: I struggled with the instructions for the second row ( I think they might be wrong); I stitched my neckerchief in DK instead of 4-ply (this was a mistake on my part, maybe my yarn stash needs a bit more organisation); I left out the beaded border; and I added a knot on one corner to use as a fastener.

I really enjoyed learning the adjustable ring technique but I was a bit put out that the magazine didn’t offer any guidance on it. The pattern is supposed to be suitable for beginners but it’s not a technique I’d heard of so I had to search online for some help.

Thankfully, I discovered an amazingly helpful website that had an article describing the technique with lots of handy pictures (check out for this technique and more!)

I did find the whole thing a little repetitive but it grows so quickly, it was a pleasure to crochet.

On one of my many trips to my local haberdashery shops, I discovered Sirdar’s Simply Recycled yarn (it was on sale so nice and cheap but in short supply – I only got two balls)

It’s very me, I love cotton yarns and to discover one that’s recycled just made my day!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a project in mind so I ended up with needles for a planned knitting project but no yarn, a hook for a planned crochet project but no yarn and two balls of lovely yarn with no planned project at all!

Fortunately, I discovered that the Misty Morning Mitts pattern is crocheted in DK so off I went.

Again, though, I had all kinds of issues with the pattern. The foundation chain is very different than I’m used to, in order to create the picot edge, so I had to experiment a little there. I also got confused when the pattern told me to decrease to 30sts and then said that the special stitch pattern is always worked over on odd number of stitches!

But, stubborn as I am, I persevered. I’m not convinced the stitch pattern looks like it should but I love them and I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can show them off!

Again, I altered the pattern a little as I wanted the mitts a bit longer at the top so they covered my knuckles instead of just grazing them.

My mum loved them so much, she wants a pair! She’s chosen Stylecraft Twirl for hers and likes the length of mine so I’ll be crocheting another pair soon enough.

I’m also hoping to have some yarn left over from my other current project to use for another, shorter pair.

Both of these patterns are from February’s Inside Crochet (issue 26) and my other current project is the Sambuca Jacket from the same.


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