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And more problems!

on January 11, 2012

So, I’m ignoring my issues with the collar and perservering to get the jacket finished, but it’s not easy!

I went to sew in my sleeves only to discover that the sleeve shaping is too short for the armhole shaping!

Thankfully, I had a similar problem a fe years ago with a knitted jumper so I had an idea how to fix things.

Unfortunately, it’s a case of workign to make it fit rather than redo-ing it to make it fit (or is that a good thing?)

First of all, make sure the ‘flats’ of the shaping are sewn together properly.

I tend to use a crochet slip stitch to sew up but any other method should work just as well.

Next, fold the sleeve in half and ‘pin’ it in place at the shoulder (I tie mine with some extra yarn)

This will ensure that the sleeve sits properly

Here, you can see the problem a bit more clearly

Now, take a deep breath and have a cuppa because here comes the tricky part!

You need to pleat or ruche the longer edge to make it fit more evenly.

So, instead of working evenly with one stitch sewing into one stitch, I sewed two or three on the armhole shaping into one on the sleeve shaping.

Keep a note of what you’re doing so the sleeves will be the same.

I hope that all makes sense!

I’d also had an inkling that the sleeves would be too short (of course they are!)

Another benefit of crochet is the ease of lengthening pieces. I joined in some yarn to the cuff and crocheted another three rows before sewing up the sleeve seam.

Much better! Now I just need to repeat the process on the other side…

Time for another fortifying cuppa, I think!


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