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Problems, problems, problems

on January 10, 2012

Well, no sooner have I fixed one problem but another one pops up!

I mentioned yesterday about having problems with the shoulder shaping on my jacket. This morning, I laid it all out and went back through the pattern to see if I’d done something wrong, wrote down the shaping instructions, everything I could think of! Nothing worked.

Thankfully, the shaping was only three rows so I decided to take it out and redo it to make it fit. That’s one of the things I love about crochet vs knitting, it’s so much easier to undo and redo any mistakes.

Anyway, I sorted out the shaping and attached the two front pieces to the back so I could start on the collar. Being a little bit obsessive, I not only started but finished the collar… and it looks AWFUL!

Jacket front (no sleeves yet!)

Front collar close-up

Back collar close-up

Full collar

Looking at it with fresh eyes, maybe awful is a bit harsh but the shaping is nowhere near as subtle as it appears in the book.

I think I’ll stick with it… hopefully things will look better when it’s done.

I have to say though, my opinion of this book is up and down like a yo-yo so look out for a review once I’ve finished the jacket!

I’d really love to know what you all think of the collar, I’m still not convinced


3 responses to “Problems, problems, problems

  1. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    I think the collar looks pretty good from what I can see of it in the pictures (it certainly looks better than anything I’d be able to do). It may just look odd because the rest hasn’t been finished yet/it’s not actually being worn, so I wouldn’t give up hope yet!

  2. Vix says:

    Thanks for that, I’m perservering and it is growing on me but the problems continue in abundance!
    Also, I’m sure you’d be able to do it just as well, I only learnt to crochet about six months ago!

  3. […] written about my issues with the jacket, called Anne’s Spencer (see Current projects; Problems, problems, problems; And more […]

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